F-350 King Ranch

Knowing more about the F350 King Ranch

For truck drivers that have been driving their vehicles for a lifetime, it is very important to have a pickup truck that you can rely on. There are many situations in which you will need stability, speed, reliability and most important of them all, safety and comfort.

With the F350 King Ranch, Ford has managed to create a pickup truck that is very much different that many of the models that you have previously drove from this popular car manufacturer. With a Super Duty engine under its hood, the F350 King Ranch can easily gnash its teeth (well power for that matter) at any task that requires brute force.

Let us now talk a bit about the engine of this beast. The two thousand and five model of the F350 King Ranch feature s five point four liter V eight engine that produces enough torque in order to find any hauling or towing task being a joke.

With such a massive engine under its hood, you can expect around three hundred horse power at five thousand rotations per minute and three hundred and sixty five ft-lbs of torque at three thousand seven hundred and fifty RPMs. The fuel that the F350 King Ranch uses is unleaded gasoline.

In terms of weight, this monster is not as heavy as a mountain, but it is not light either. It weights three thousand four hundred and forty one pounds with a front curb weight and with a rear weight the number goes down to two thousand six hundred and sixty six.

When it comes to the towing capabilities, the F350 King Ranch doesn’t lack anything in this department. It can tow a maximum of five thousand pounds and I think that alone says a lot about its performance on the field.

If you love manual transmission, then I think that this is a department in which the F350 King Ranch will disappoint you. It only comes with automatic transmission and in regards to the V eight engine, it can have powered transferred through a 5 speed automatic with overdrive. With its exceptional overdrive capabilities, you will get to save up a lot of gas when you will drive on the highway.

In terms of suspension, the F350 King Ranch features a spring that can handle a seven thousand pounds load. Also, the truck comes with eighteen inch wheels that stretch eight inch in width.
And last but not least, the braking system comes with 4 wheel discs. There are also anti lock brakes found on the back and on the front.

Being such an amazing pickup truck, there is no wonder to why so many people enjoy driving this beast. It will always deliver, no matter the situation and the comfort and safety you will be let in on, will never cease to impress you. Keep in mind that there are periods within the year in which you can get a discount from the manufacturer, so check out the website as often as you can.